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Are you planning on moving to a new place for a fresh start in life? Are you bored or dissatisfied with the current look of your house? Do you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to go through a tedious process of gathering information, making choices, setting up budgets and such?
Then no need to fret anymore because Bridesmaid Tide has your back when it comes to Interior Decorating.

It is our belief that a person’s home should reflect their personality and style. We’re here to help you express yourself through Interior Decoration.



We specialize in the art of Interior Decoration. Whether it be paints, wallpapers, furniture or textiles; we have it all. And what’s more, we make sure to include you at every step of the process so that you get maximum control over the final look of your home.
Customised interior designing

Customised interior designing

We have a team of professional experts who specialize in technicalities ranging from colors, textures and materials to furniture layouts and design items. Our team works closely with the clients and helps them figure out their desired aesthetic and the overall feel of their space. These professionals are skilled at finding the most efficient means of getting your desired look within the budget provided.


We offer a range of service packages such as brief consultations which can either be done through online correspondence or by visiting the actual site itself.

Our Charges

Our charges are proportionately divided according to the extensiveness of the service requested. You can find the exact pricing of our packages from the official website.

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5 Reasons That You Need To Change Your Electricity Plans

5 Reasons That You Need To Change Your Electricity Plans

Our lives today depend greatly on electricity. Most of our household do not even require gas to burn the stove, electricity does that too. Electricity and everything that runs on it are sensitive. Because you are paying for the electricity, you would want your electricity plan to do justice to the charges and the service. Here are five reasons why you need to change your electricity plans.


If your electricity plan is expiring soon don’t just sit and wait. Do your research online or perhaps even ask around. List your options and see if another company or supplier offers a better electricity plan. Remember, they keep coming up with new deals. Your contract should include clauses on what the plan offers in case there is a mishap like fluctuations or breakdowns etc.


When you sign a contract for an electricity plan, you rid yourself of the worry of any malfunctions and troubles. The last thing you would want is your electrical appliances burning up and going to waste because your electricity supplier is overburdening his capacities. The companies need to keep up the maintenance of their plants, lines and transformers. If they do not do so then that results in various issues with the supply. If such faults in the supply keep arising then this is your cue to find a new electricity plan.

Meter Reading

You need to be aware and alert of how much electricity you are using by checking the meter and keeping pictures of it at different intervals as proof. There are times when you feel like you did not use the amount of electricity that the meter reading states. This indicates trouble on a scale of regular errors to big frauds. Your provider will end up charging you extra and the following investigation and reaching a conclusion can be a real pain. Pair that with bad customer service and you definitely need to sign up for some other plan.

Customer service

Always analyze the feedback on customer service before selecting the company or supplier of the service that you require. In terms of electricity, you definitely want your service provider to be there to assist or help when you need them. Imagine that the electricity of your house goes out and all you can do is send multiple emails and remain on a call that stays on hold. It is just not workable if the customer service is not efficient. If you have trouble getting through to your provider then you need to sign up for a new electricity plan.


24 hour electrician perth are frequently charging fees for instance in the name of late fee for a missing payment, or even worse a fee for cancellation or repairs when you are not enjoying the service you expected. Do not just sit and let the company suck money out of you like a parasite and look for more electricity plans. Whether you have opted for fixed rates or variable rates, know that prices can go high any time and whichever option categorizes you it does not matter, you will feel the impact. If your electricity plan disappoints you by frequent price changes then you should move on!

3 tips to create your own style for interior decoration

3 tips to create your own style for interior decoration

  1. Be surrounded by inspiration. Just being here means being on your way already! Investing part of your time on websites is a great way to see what’s going on in the outside world. Being part of an online community gives you the opportunity to “taste” different houses and styles from all over the world, become increasingly aware of the fact that viewing different types of interiors is a powerful accelerator for developing your opinions. In a moment you can look at the photograph of a room, decide what you like, what you don’t like and why. However, remember that the point is not to perfectly imitate the photo you like, but to “cannibalize” the elements you like, even from different sources, to build your own vision.

2 . Developing your style takes time.No sleepless nights are needed to understand your style! The slow learning process is extremely helpful in creating a strong sense of style. Nobody is born with good taste, but we can all manage our time to lay the foundations of our knowledge and understand in depth what it is that transforms something into something beautiful. This process will help give you confidence in your style choices, without the need for pressure. Thinking about having to decorate a room or a house all at once may seem like a difficult and expensive task, instead try to identify small goals to be achieved one at a time. If you don’t know where to start, it can be helpful to start from what you have and give yourself a deadline. For example, you want to embellish a wall with paintings of a particular shape,

  1. Enhance your personal effects. Take a day to sit down and browse all your favorite personal effects. They could be memories of a trip, things you have collected, such as bowls, old photographs, posters, wooden animals, strange boxes, rocks. Think about the things you love – food, cooking, maps, a particular culture, a color, illustrations, books, films. Take the time to think about how you can integrate all these things into your environment in a visually appealing way. The integration of these pieces into your home will help you better identify the right direction to understand your style and make your home a reflection of who you are. One of the ways that determine a person’s style is to take a look at what they collect and how they fix it.
Interior decor: 3 easy tips

Interior decor: 3 easy tips

Who hasn’t ever gotten tired of the decor of a room? Be it the bedroom, the living room or the kitchen; maybe we got tired of that picture, the color of the wall, or we don’t like the curtains anymore … The time has come to change!

However, it is not enough to go to a store and buy the first thing we like.

  1. Colors, lighting and contrasts
    A fundamental aspect to consider in the decoration of any space are the colors. When it comes to small spaces, you should take into account that light tones, such as pastel colors , have the advantage of reflecting light, amplifying the space.

The same goes for mirrors; to benefit from this quality, it is essential to have good lighting in the room. In large rooms, however, you can resort to the combination of multiple colors. Remember that with strong tones you can get very interesting contrasts, but they may also not be suitable for the room or space dedicated to relaxation.

Colors are known to influence our mood; tones like red or purple can create a strong visual tension if we don’t use them wisely.

  1. Highlight a detail
    If you have a nice coffee table or sofa that you want to make stand out, do it through the colors. To do this, it is necessary to choose a color, that is, the element itself or the walls, which generates an interesting contrast.

Once you’ve identified the tone to emphasize, use it to fill about 20% of the room . For example, you can also use boxes or shelves of the same color.

  1. Define a style
    Definitely, one of the most important tips for interior decoration. To give a certain atmosphere to the house or to one of its rooms, there is nothing better than marrying a well-defined style.

For example, decide if you want to use wood to obtain a rustic effect, if you want to gain space with minimalist solutions or if you prefer something more innovative, perhaps through the combination of different colors.

At this point, selectively reduce the choice of colors and the type of design.

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