Our lives today depend greatly on electricity. Most of our household do not even require gas to burn the stove, electricity does that too. Electricity and everything that runs on it are sensitive. Because you are paying for the electricity, you would want your electricity plan to do justice to the charges and the service. Here are five reasons why you need to change your electricity plans.


If your electricity plan is expiring soon don’t just sit and wait. Do your research online or perhaps even ask around. List your options and see if another company or supplier offers a better electricity plan. Remember, they keep coming up with new deals. Your contract should include clauses on what the plan offers in case there is a mishap like fluctuations or breakdowns etc.


When you sign a contract for an electricity plan, you rid yourself of the worry of any malfunctions and troubles. The last thing you would want is your electrical appliances burning up and going to waste because your electricity supplier is overburdening his capacities. The companies need to keep up the maintenance of their plants, lines and transformers. If they do not do so then that results in various issues with the supply. If such faults in the supply keep arising then this is your cue to find a new electricity plan.

Meter Reading

You need to be aware and alert of how much electricity you are using by checking the meter and keeping pictures of it at different intervals as proof. There are times when you feel like you did not use the amount of electricity that the meter reading states. This indicates trouble on a scale of regular errors to big frauds. Your provider will end up charging you extra and the following investigation and reaching a conclusion can be a real pain. Pair that with bad customer service and you definitely need to sign up for some other plan.

Customer service

Always analyze the feedback on customer service before selecting the company or supplier of the service that you require. In terms of electricity, you definitely want your service provider to be there to assist or help when you need them. Imagine that the electricity of your house goes out and all you can do is send multiple emails and remain on a call that stays on hold. It is just not workable if the customer service is not efficient. If you have trouble getting through to your provider then you need to sign up for a new electricity plan.


24 hour electrician perth are frequently charging fees for instance in the name of late fee for a missing payment, or even worse a fee for cancellation or repairs when you are not enjoying the service you expected. Do not just sit and let the company suck money out of you like a parasite and look for more electricity plans. Whether you have opted for fixed rates or variable rates, know that prices can go high any time and whichever option categorizes you it does not matter, you will feel the impact. If your electricity plan disappoints you by frequent price changes then you should move on!