Who hasn’t ever gotten tired of the decor of a room? Be it the bedroom, the living room or the kitchen; maybe we got tired of that picture, the color of the wall, or we don’t like the curtains anymore … The time has come to change!

However, it is not enough to go to a store and buy the first thing we like.

  1. Colors, lighting and contrasts
    A fundamental aspect to consider in the decoration of any space are the colors. When it comes to small spaces, you should take into account that light tones, such as pastel colors , have the advantage of reflecting light, amplifying the space.

The same goes for mirrors; to benefit from this quality, it is essential to have good lighting in the room. In large rooms, however, you can resort to the combination of multiple colors. Remember that with strong tones you can get very interesting contrasts, but they may also not be suitable for the room or space dedicated to relaxation.

Colors are known to influence our mood; tones like red or purple can create a strong visual tension if we don’t use them wisely.

  1. Highlight a detail
    If you have a nice coffee table or sofa that you want to make stand out, do it through the colors. To do this, it is necessary to choose a color, that is, the element itself or the walls, which generates an interesting contrast.

Once you’ve identified the tone to emphasize, use it to fill about 20% of the room . For example, you can also use boxes or shelves of the same color.

  1. Define a style
    Definitely, one of the most important tips for interior decoration. To give a certain atmosphere to the house or to one of its rooms, there is nothing better than marrying a well-defined style.

For example, decide if you want to use wood to obtain a rustic effect, if you want to gain space with minimalist solutions or if you prefer something more innovative, perhaps through the combination of different colors.

At this point, selectively reduce the choice of colors and the type of design.